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Ellie Davis

Chi Nei Tsang/TaoTouch Practitioner

                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Gabrielle Zeitlin

Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced CHEE-NAYT-SAHNG) is a tremendously gentle and powerful means for facing what has kept us in disharmony and cut off from life.

The disharmonious patterns of tension stop the body's flow of nutrients, oxygen, and communication by blocking the movement of blood and lymph, as well as impeding the nervous and endocrine systems' ability to transmit information.

The practitioner gently and deeply manipulates the student’s belly, AKA the second brain, so she or he can meet themselves peacefully and with equanimity and allow the aforementioned flow to resume. We thus have the ability to grow out of healing crises ranging from depression and addiction to digestive issues, infertility, painful menses/transition to menopause, back pain, structural issues, fibroids, impotence, and the list goes on and on. (I’m not suggesting discontinuing a doctor’s care when necessary. Chi Nei Tsang works wonderfully to support us in our healing journey when we’re working with conventional medicine.)

When we face the disruptive patterns, we create new roads of health and harmony, strengthening our constant (but sometimes compromised) connection with the Five Elemental Forces, the Cosmos, which is always present, waiting for us to remember. 

Chi Nei Tsang is so effective because we work with the person, not the disease.  As we feel and accept the parts of ourselves we have believed unacceptable, we allow nutrients, oxygen, and bodily communication to flow again and we grow as human beings and heal on the metabolic, structural, and emotional levels equally.  


Chi Nei Tsang was developed thousands of years ago by Taoist monks to prepare themselves for the highest spiritual practices. Perhaps the highest spiritual practice of our time is to make our way clearly through the distractions of modern life, the pain of our personal histories, and the collective inherited traumas of our families and the world and begin to navigate life with love and self acceptance.



What People are Saying....

What People Are Saying...

Weeks after a Chi Nei Tsang session, I still experience changes in my thoughts and insights about myself. My consciousness has increased in how I function in my work and relationships and what makes me unhappy in those as well. I have better insights on my motives and reasons for choices. Insights– clearly the greatest thing we can give ourselves!!! You can feel how it opens you up for something greater in life….Awesome feeling!-Monica, Stockholm, SE


My pronated knee issues are dwindling away. I am able to do full deep squats now. My circulation is improving. My joints have less congestion so better fluidity. Habits and behaviors that have tripped me up for years are easing up. Some, not an issue any longer. They have lost their charge. Mother buttons lessening! … My sexual energy and sense of humor are coming out more. I’m more relaxed. I can be in situations that usually have me uncomfortable on some level.-Diane, Carbondale, CO


I was used to having a bowel movement every four days or so because of a bowel resection surgery many years ago. Ellie gave me two Chi Nei Tsang sessions and I am now enjoying satisfying bathroom time daily.-Sam, Las Vegas, NV