About Chi Nei Tsang

"The body is where the unseen becomes seen." ~John O'Donahue, poet



Can you imagine a life free to live as you choose, not dictated by difficult feelings hidden in the dark recesses?


Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced CHEE-NAYT-SAHNG) is a Five Elements based healing modality which awakens our bodies, minds, souls to the richness of life by using our hands to directly access, detoxify, and transform our internal organs. Although it may look like a simple stomach massage, Chi Nei Tsang is much further reaching than conventional massage because its three foundational elements (breath, manual manipulation, and applied Chi Kung) support the recipient to feel more deeply into his or her life by experiencing what's happening in the belly, our larger and probably smarter brain. When we feel, we are able to heal all aspects of our life.


The Chi Nei Tsang practitioner uses her or his hands directly on the abdomen of the recipient (sometimes referred to as "student" because he or she is learning different ways to know more about themselves) to find the patterns of tension held in the vital organs. These patterns of tension are the secrets, or emotional charges, we've had to keep from ourselves for many different reasons. After long periods of holding, patterns of tension can grow into healing crises ranging from depression to addiction, digestive issues, infertility, painful menses/transition to menopause, back pain, structural issues, fibroids, impotence, and the list goes on and on. As we listen to the communication our body is giving us, we can heal ourselves of these and many other maladies. (I'm not suggesting discontinuing a doctor's care when necessary. Chi Nei Tsang works wonderfully to support us in our healing journey when we're working with conventional medicine.)


As the practitioner is gently and deeply massaging the student's belly, the student's parasympathetic nervous system is activated, allowing her or him to utterly unwind. In this state of safety and profound relaxation, we can meet ourselves without judging. As we begin to meet and accept those parts of ourselves we have believed unacceptable, we grow as human beings and heal in body, mind, spirit and find a freedom previously unimagined.


Chi Nei Tsang was developed thousands of years ago by Taoist monks to prepare themselves for the highest spiritual practices. Perhaps the highest spiritual practice of our time is to wade through the distractions of modern life, the pain of our personal histories, and the collective inherited traumas of our families and the world and begin to navigate life with love and self acceptance.





"There is no intelligence required for healing. To heal, we don't need to be intelligent, we don't need to be good, and we don't need to deserve it. Healing is pure grace. To heal, we do need honesty. We need to be true to ourselves. We need to be able to admit that we have feelings we wish we didn't have. We need to own these feelings so we can outgrow them, and so we can mature as human beings." ~Gilles Marin










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