Private One-on-one Sessions

I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Private Sessions

Allow 90 minutes for your session. 

Because we access such hidden parts of ourselves working with Chi Nei Tsang, change is inevitable.

With each session we are able to go a little deeper, let go of a little more of what's blocking good health. 

To see more effect from Chi Nei Tsang,  a series of at least 5 sessions is recommended.

How it Works

Please arrive on time, not early or late.

Chi Nei Tsang is a clothed modality. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can easily be adjusted to access the abdomen or back from the top of your hips to the bottom of your ribs.

It's best to neither starving nor stuffed when you receive your treatment. If you're feeling hungry as your session time approaches, have a handful of nuts or some fruit before we start. If your session time comes after breakfast or lunch, please give yourself time to digest before the session begins.

We will talk for about fifteen minutes, then work hands-on for approximately an hour. After you've had some time to come back to shared reality, we'll discuss various self-care methods that you can use to maintain your healing process.

You have the choice of Chi Nei Tsang sessions with or without aromatherapy .


800kr per session

3500kr for a series of 5 sessions

To include aromatherapy, add 100kr per session. Please request in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.