Greece Retreat Classes

The structure of this retreat gives dimension to the technical aspect of Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist healing practices, as well as to the dynamic, transformational power of the Five Elements and how they work in every facet of our lives.

As we learn the techniques of Chi Nei Tsang through practical exercise, we naturally learn more about ourselves. You will come away with functional knowledge of Taoist healing as well as a profound knowledge of your own inner life and relationship to this exquisite universe.

The order of the classes allows the students to build a foundation of knowledge, understanding, and observation of their own level of chi so they can begin to welcome, experience, and utilize Universal Forces safely and with compassion for themselves and the people who they work with, whether fellow students or future clients.

There is a break between segments to allow for the changes that naturally happen to assimilate.

The daily practice of Dreaming Chi Kung shows us that the vast intelligence and practical wisdom inherent in Chi Nei Tsang is being absorbed not only by our mental capacity, but also by our other four intelligences. In other words, this month long workshop is truly an experience of the Five Elements internally and externally.

Gilles Marin - Greece Retreat
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 “Everyone studying Chi Nei Tsang will eventually be able to deliver it according to their own personality and understanding.  What’s important is not the techniques but the principles of healing from which these techniques originated.”  ~ Gilles Marin


June 10-11: Taoist Chi Kung Basics

Basics of Chi Kung is essential for Chi Nei Tsang practitioners as well as anyone from any walk of life who desires more vibrancy and avoidance of burnout in their daily doings!

Learning to work with Earth Chi Kung, the Seven Levels of Individuation, the Fountain of Life, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, and Healing Buddha Palms to keep our energy high, ourselves healthy and our work vital is the focus of this workshop. The extraordinary practice of Chi Kung is what gets extraordinary results in Chi Nei Tsang.

The Taoist Chi Kung Basics class is an introduction to the Five Elements System and the Five Intelligences that all life is based on from the Taoist perspective. Two days immersion in Basics of Chi Kung is required for all students who have never studied with Gilles

June 12-16: Fundamentals Of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang

Fundamentals of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang is a thorough introduction to the guiding principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine, which have proven effective in maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health and longevity for thousands of years.

In understanding the Five Emotional Internal Organs, we gain a deeper access to healing the internal organs physically.

By the end of the week, students will have enough tools, techniques, and knowledge of abdominal manipulation to administer an effective one hour hands on Chi Nei Tsang treatment, delivered with respect for the intelligence of the body and for the difference between “fixing” and “healing.”

Required Reading:

Healing From Within With Chi Nei Tsang by Gilles Marin, available at

Bonus Class June 17! Healing With the Jade Egg

We are so fortunate to have Stephanie Wilger join the retreat to teach women how to work with and heal their powerful sexual energy! The class is "extracurricular", optional for women who are ready for it, so it is not included in tuition for the rest of the month,  and payment will be made directly to Stephanie. Please notify in advance your desire to take part.

The jade egg is a beautiful healing tool to help you become intimately aware of your unique sensuality and sexuality.

With the egg as your guide, explore your current emotional terrain.

The jade egg heals first emotionally, then physically,

bringing greater life force to the reproductive organs, pelvic floor, you!

The possibilities for personal growth, protection, strength,

healing trauma, being savvy in relationship,

increased reproductive health, build with regular (weekly) use.

No prior experience required: Set of 3 Jade Eggs included with paid tuition

Bring : Long skirt, sarong or beach towel, blanket


* qi gong, breathing to open your pelvic floor

* to remove emotional charges from your reproductive organs

* to restore emotional balance with healing sounds and color

* to reposition your uterus (if tipped)

for greater comfort with the jade egg

* the gentle and profound movements of jade egg use

* to utilize your sexual reflexology for deep healing with the egg

You WILL look and feel younger!

More details : Radio Interview : Healing with the Jade Egg with Stephanie Wilger :

Tuition: $205 USD : includes set of 3 Jade Eggs : Sm, Med, and Large

June 20-24: Biology Of Consciousness

Formerly Taoist Anatomy and Physiology, the Biology of Consciousness reflects the evolution of Gilles’ knowledge and teaching of physical anatomy and the anatomy of consciousness. It’s the bridge between the perennial philosophical concepts of Taoism and the Western practitioner’s understanding of human physical, mental, spiritual anatomy. During this class you will learn to delineate your very specific mental zones. This goes far beyond the brain and involves all tissues in the body, including the meridian system.

You will come away from this class:

  • Differentiating clearly the 5 major components of your mind and their specific intelligences

  • Providing yourself with more mental space and quietness

  • Freeing yourself from mental conflicts

  • Being able to alternatively exercise and rest each mental state independently

  • Creating a solid and reliable mental infrastructure beyond the limits of your brain

  • Developing mental, emotional and spiritual healing in relation to your physical body

  • Nurturing a solid sense of self-worth

  • Gaining emotional robustness

  • Achieving mental clarity

  • Enhancing your appreciation, enjoyment and guidance in life

June 27-28: Human Potential Fusion

After the deep understanding that the Biology of Consciousness provides, we will take an ever more fathomless dive into our individual relationships with the Five Elements in the Human Potential Fusion. As the name suggests, we will be exploring and growing our human potential through a series of formulas of guided meditations, the Fusion of the Five Elements, one of the priceless gifts given by the now extinct White Cloud monks.

You can expect to come away from this immersion in your Cosmic Self with your spirits raised, your (five) intelligence(s) clearer, a more profound sense of your real self and the support you have as you navigate the world, and precise information for your personal healing journey. Prepare for deep introspection and healing on a soul level because the Human Potential Fusion IS the power behind Chi Nei Tsang!

*This practice has been known as “Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation” and belonged to a class that was taught by Master Mantak Chia. Master Chia’s class, along the years, morphed and blended into his Cosmic Chi-Kung class. Gilles wanted to keep the formal five formulas from the old White Cloud Taoist tradition, adding his own learning and emphasis on this essential aspect of the practice, the evolution of human consciousness through healing the soul and awakening the spirit.

June 29-July 3: Somato/Emotional Processing With Chi Nei Tsang

Somato Emotional Processing With Chi Nei Tsang is the cutting edge of healing. This class is devoted to learning a complete method of releasing deeply implanted emotional charges in the internal organs, which are at the root of mental and physical symptoms.

This class is the epitome of learning by experience. As we acquire the techniques for liberation from old emotional charges, we are also receiving the benefit of liberating ourselves as each student partners up to exchange each new technique we explore, all within the safety of the Six Conditions for Healing. Somato/Emotional Processing with Chi Nei Tsang is truly a transformative class.

Note: The Fundamentals of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang is a prerequisite for Somato Emotional Processing.

Required Reading:

The Five Elements and Six Conditions For Healing by Gilles Marin, available at

July 7-8: Sexual and Space & Boundaries Chi Kung

This is a special kind of class, devoted to developing awareness of how we move in relation to others physically and emotionally. Understanding our own boundaries gives incredible clarity and precision to any bodywork practitioner.   Sexual energy is the foundational energy of life, so it is the basis for every aspect of us, yet it is consistently misunderstood, misused, and therefore can easily become abusive. We, as healers, have a privileged relationship with our clients, we get more emotionally intimate with many people than most ever get with one person in a lifetime. Because our natural sexual energy is so powerful and precious, it’s vital that we know how to use it to lift our own overall  wellness and to maintain healthy boundaries for our safety and that of the clients who put their trust in us. This class is Chi Kung practice only, no hands on and not a tantra course.

July 9-13: Global Body Attitude

In Global Body Attitude, you will experience how the breath, physical structure (internal as well as external), metabolism, and mental/emotional aspects of a person affect each other. Viewed as a pyramid, if there is restriction in one side, all sides are impacted. When there’s a change in one facet, all are naturally shifted.

In Global Body Attitude, you will learn to combine the visceral, structural, and emotional aspects of a treatment; to recognize and understand patterns, from function to meaning; how to work with female issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual cramps, and pelvic pains; how to approach working with traumas and sexual abuse victims and so much more….

Two Prerequisites For Global Body Attitude:

  1. Fundamentals of Healing with Chi Nei Tsang
  2. Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung

July 14-15: Clinical Practice

We learned so much in the preceding five weeks, now it's time to put it into practice! Two days of working with clients from the area, learning how to make the techniques and principles of healing work according to your understanding and under the tutelage of one of Gilles' assistants gives a sense of ease to take Chi Nei Tsang out into the world under your own power.

July 16-20 Chasing the Winds

Mary Ellen Derwis is a welcome addition with her teaching a new awareness of the 12 winds with Taoist Five Element theory and ancient techniques for balancing the flow of energies through the body. Chasing the Winds is a powerful technique that utilizes the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular, and chi (Qi).

In these 5 days we'll learn Five Element body diagnosis with a practice that is powerful and long-lasting. Our  Chi Kung training through the month supports the practice. It helps us feel the “winds of change” in ourselves. This empowers a healer to open these winds – the internal subtle breath of life – in their client.

But for a healer to advance to the highest levels, they must understand the cycles of life that everyone must breathe through. So we will take some time to experience the different stages within a practice of breathing into surrendering to our Energy Body.

  1. The wind that attacks the liver
  2. The wind that attacks the tongue, jaw, eyes and head
  3. The wind that attacks the kidneys
  4. The wind that causes aches, tightness, tiredness and uneasiness in all the body and attacks the vena cava, aorta, and lumbar plexus
  5. The wind that makes the abdomen stiff, hard, tight and tender
  6. The wind that causes cramps
  7. The wind that attacks the heart causing shaking
  8. The wind that causes chest pain
  9. The wind that makes the legs and feet tired
  10. The wind that causes pain, numbness and heat
  11. The wind that affects the nerves and makes a stiff back
  12. The wind that causes excess heat and cold

To learn more about Mary Ellen and her profound body of work, go to