Greece Retreat

Greece Retreat with Gilles Marin

Join us next summer for a unique opportunity to learn from one of the foremost healers & teachers in the world in one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world!

Gilles Marin - Greece Retreat


Organizer: Ellie Davis
June 9 – July 15, 2019
Orizon Center for Life & Creation
Crete, Greece

Gilles Marin has been one of the main forces bringing Chi Nei Tsang out to the West since beginning his work with Mantak Chia in 1983.

He is one of the senior teachers of the Universal Healing Tao; the founder and director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and Taoist Healing Energetics in Oakland, CA; the co-director of L’Institut de Chi Nei Tsang in Nice, France; the author of “Healing From Within With Chi Nei Tsang” and “The Five Elements and Six Conditions: a Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy”; and a recent inductee into the Massage Hall of Fame.

Gilles has guided thousands of people into their own healing and into learning how to use Chi Nei Tsang to assist others to access the healing power of their own life force.

The perfect place to access the healing power of the Five Elemental Forces in an unmistakeable kind of way? Crete! Even more specifically, The Orizon Center For Life and Creation in Souda Bay.

Ingrid Margarita founded the Orizon Center because her passion for life and creation led her on a journey of discovery for herself, which inevitably led her to understand her ability in the sacred task of helping others find their own passion for life and creation.

Lucky for us, Ingrid fell in love with Crete and with Petros Kokotsakis, a Cretan man with a farm where he tends the land blending tradition and modernity to raise sheep, fruits, and vegetables enough to supply their family and the restaurant Akrimios that cares for the guests of Orizon with all organic food, homemade cheeses, and golden Greek wine.

It’s an honor to be welcomed with such grace and joy to Crete, an island of mythology, exquisite nature, exceptional culture and history to deepen our knowledge of and healing with Chi Nei Tsang.

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