About Ellie Davis

Ellie Davis of Blooming Being

Welcome to Blooming Being Chi Nei Tsang! Since 1994, I’ve used my creative skills as an actress, writer, and bodyworker in many cities around the US and  Sweden.

I began learning Chi Nei Tsang in 2008 and am thrilled to have received Level III practitioner status from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and Taoist Healing Energetics in Berkeley, CA through the teaching of Gilles Marin.

When I started working with Chi Nei Tsang I was discovering the immobilizing effects of the continuous state of trauma I grew up in. Those patterns were controlling every aspect of my life from insomnia to excess weight I could never take off, digestive issues, depression, and an anger that made it impossible to let people get close. All this was tidily wrapped in a dire need to feel closeness and a fear of the pain lurking in there, which clearly meant that the only people I could let get close were those with patterns similar to mine. Hence, all that trauma was kept alive and kicking.

When I discovered Chi Nei Tsang, it gave me a way to take the needle off the skipping record because there is no hiding behind mental processes or strategies, and there is no need to hide because when we work gently and respectfully directly with the viscera, we find the patterns of tension held in the vital organs.

These patterns of tension stop the body's flow of nutrients, oxygen, and communication by blocking the movement of blood and lymph, along with instruction by the nervous and endocrine systems. Once these patterns of tension are accessed and attended to, they naturally let go. When we attend to these patterns, our health and structure improve and we have the added benefit of freedom from old emotional charges, the source of the patterns of tension.

With Chi Nei Tsang I found, not a quick & easy fix, but, a pacific and incredibly strong support in releasing those blockages and healing from wounds I could no longer see, but which were keeping me in patterns of disease emotionally and physically.

I have learned to listen with compassion to the communication my body gives me, so I now have the safety to release the tensions that kept me in a prison of stress hormones and the many other palpable physical results of stress. The guard to our individual prisons is the fear we have of feeling what’s happening inside of us. When we face ourselves with equanimity, the result is the healing of body, mind, soul. It’s an expanding liberty on all these levels.

Chi Nei Tsang wasn’t the first place I had heard of the idea of facing myself, but it was the first place that facing myself came out of the abstract and into tangible experience.

Because I have taken this healing journey and have seen my physical and emotional symptoms lighten and even disappear, I have found that life became easier. I still have challenges, that’s life on Planet Earth, but they don’t destroy me the way I used to believe they could.

Since my health has improved on every level, I can say that healthy people get benefit from Chi Nei Tsang, too! Now, the treatments I receive take me ever closer to the ”real” me with less effort. Chi Nei Tsang is a profoundly beneficial addition to anyone’s self care regimen regardless of their level of health and consciousness.

In my healing odyssey, I have discovered that the more I honestly face and accept and feel whatever is happening in me, I become more free. In other words, I bloom. I am honored and grateful to be able to share this gift and to help others to also bloom in Sweden, Colorado, and wherever else Life leads me.