Allow one and a half hours for your session. We will talk for about fifteen minutes, work hands on for approximately an hour, take some time to come back to shared reality, then discuss various self care methods you can use to keep healing happening continuously and under your own power.


Because we access such hidden parts of ourselves working with Chi Nei Tsang, change is inevitable. With each session we are able to go a little deeper, let go of a little more of what's blocking our good health. A series of 5 sessions is suggested to easily see the effect of Chi Nei Tsang.


You have the choice of Chi Nei Tsang sessions with Aromatherapy or without.


I am currently based in Ljusdal, working through Stark Yoga in Gamla Stan and will be in Stockholm in late April.


There is a need for healing no matter what our financial status, therefore, I offer Chi Nei Tsang for a sliding scale according to what a person can truthfully afford. Some people can afford 200kr, some 2000, many somewhere in the middle, all are welcome.


Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Ellie in Sweden: +46(0)70 63 82 412

Colorado: +1(917)257-6302