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Who can benefit from learning Chi Nei Tsang?


In a nutshell, everyone, especially those who want to heal themselves of physical, emotional, or spiritual maladies. Which is kind of...everyone....No exaggeration, stay with me here, because we learn the power of our own healing ability.


Professionally speaking, acupuncturists deepen their wisdom in working with the Five Elemental Forces; massage therapists have whole new worlds opened to them once they discover the power of the navel, the one structure you don't learn so much about in most massage schools; medical doctors learn how to hear what their patients' symptoms are really telling them; teachers find completely different ways of effectively communicating with their students (even without touching them!); nurses, who already know about the healing power of touch, find greater access to noninvasive ways of helping their patients find ease; yoga teachers can help their students find so much more fulfillment in a yoga practice when the entire diaphragm (not just belly breathing) is able to move with the breath, and one of the foundational components of Chi Nei Tsang is opening the diaphragm with safe guidance and getting to the core of what has held the diaphragm shut; artists and writers may not realize it, but when the gut is working better, the brain and creativity are working better; mathematicians, scientists, accountants, psychologists, and psychiatrists: see above; and wouldn't the world be a better place if politicians would get a clue that what they're imposing on the rest of the world is actually what they're hiding from, which is buried in their bellies and can be faced with compassion with CNT? In essence, anybody working hands on with people and/or communicating with other people can benefit from learning Chi Nei Tsang because Chi Nei Tsang is all about knowing, feeling, experiencing our holistic nature. "Holistic" means "whole". It means that we as humans are not just what we see on the surface. All components of us affect all the other components. Once a person has the concrete experience of their own holistic self, it becomes easier to see others as their holistic selves and when we integrate that into daily life we become much more adept at communication.


Have we talked about the Second Brain, aka, the Gut? Oh, yes that is a thing, a quantifiable thing. Did you know that 95% of your serotonin is produced in the GUT? Then there's the Enteric Nervous System. And everybody's favorite, The Vagus Nerves, which wander from the base of the brain to the internal organs and deliver messages both ways, and which you can directly access and facilitate release of trauma for with the use of full diaphragmatic breathing and the manual manipulation used in Chi Nei Tsang. Learning more about how to care for your viscera gives more access to caring for your moods and emotional and spiritual health and liberty, as well as, of course, your physical health and liberty. Everybody has a gut, so everybody can benefit from being able to participate in its function and health.


Gilles' teaching reaches all levels of expertise, from the fully accredited doctor of Oriental medicine to the novice who is finding out what the Wood Element is for the first time. I've taken part in his classes in different settings around the world and can attest to the truth of that. I've been in classes with students' experience and careers ranging from hairdressers to other bodyworkers to licensed acupuncturists to advanced Chi Nei Tsang practitioners and psychologists and more, with absolutely everybody coming away feeling respected and that their body of knowledge has profoundly expanded. Part of Gilles' genius as a teacher comes from being sensitive to what's happening in the group dynamic and his ability to download knowledge of the art and science of Chi Nei Tsang to all participants, regardless of background or skill level. No small feat, indeed!



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