Blooming Being

Chi Nei Tsang





The Dojo can house 12 class participants for 25USD per night. Dojo housing priority is given to month long participants.


There is wonderful housing available for students participating in individual classes, for any monthlong participants over and above the magic number 12, or for students who wish to stay offsite for any other reason. Please contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with your host.




The Dojo kitchen is not available for food preparation other than simple breakfasts (fruit, yogurt, cereal). Therefore, we will have lovely food prepared by conscientious chefs for lunch and dinner on the days we have class. Students will be responsible for their own breakfast and for all meals on days when we have no class. The cost of the chef's offerings are 20USD per day, each participant is responsible for their own meals.





Crestone Healing Arts Center is located at 1689 Columbine Overlook, Crestone, Colorado, 81131



The nearest airport to Crestone is Alamosa, CO.


You can also choose Denver, Colorado Springs, or Aspen airports, but please note that these airports are all 2-4 hours from Crestone. You can rent a car or there is a bus stop outside Crestone. We will do our best to help everyone get here safely and easily, but can only pick participants up from the Alamosa airport and the bus stop. For students driving in from various parts of Colorado and surrounding states, please consider carpooling. We will make a message board to ensure that happens.



Any questions or clarifications, please email Ellie Davis at ellie@bloomingbeing.com or call 917-257-6302.

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