gilles marin retreat in crestone

Blooming Being

Chi Nei Tsang

It is both humbling and an honor to be able to share Chi Nei Tsang and to have the opportunity to help more people learn this life changing practice. The founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and Taoist Healing Energetics, co-director of L'Institut de Chi Nei Tsang in France, and one of the primary forces for bringing Chi Nei Tsang to the West, Gilles Marin, will be spending a month at the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, Colorado teaching an immersion course for the entirety of June, 2017.


Crestone is a special place to do just about anything, owing to the majestic 14,000 foot peaks it nestles up against. Having the good fortune of an immersion retreat with Gilles Marin there, well, Crestone magnifies the honor and the humility. With its spectacular natural setting and the quiet and spaciousness, the town lends itself to introspection and transformation. The Dojo which houses the Crestone Healing Arts Center is a reflection of the natural beauty it rests in, made by human hands. When Dan Retuta, founder of the Crestone Healing Arts Center, built the Dojo it was with respect to the task he was undertaking in assisting other human beings find their way into healing and to take that out into the world.


Another remarkable piece about this retreat is the ease it gives to those going for certification in Chi Nei Tsang from Taoist Healing Energetics, which is recognized by the Universal Healing Tao and Master Mantak Chia.


Typically, if a student of Gilles does not live in the Bay Area, they must travel there several times a year in order to take the classes necessary for certification, adding expensive travel to the equation. This retreat gives the opportunity to fulfill nearly all the requirements for Level 1 Certification as well as the opportunity to work towards higher levels of certification if you have already fulfilled Level 1 specifications. (Please refer to to see requirements for all levels of training)

The certification process is a time of deep healing for Chi Nei Tsang students. It is a lovely thing to stay surrounded by a safe community that is going through transformation together and supporting each other through the evolution. Need I mention how nice it is to have zero traffic jams as you metamorphize? To go through the certification process in such a cloistered and serene way is a rare and special opportunity.



For any questions or to register for the retreat, simply click here or email or call 917-257-6302