Blooming Being

Chi Nei Tsang



The Classes:


*6/3-4 Universal Healing Tao Basic Chi Kung


Universal Healing Tao Basics of Chi Kung is essential for Chi Nei Tsang practitioners as well as anyone from any walk of life who desires more vibrancy and avoidance of burnout in their daily doings! Learning to work with Earth Chi Kung, the Microcosmic Orbit, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, and Buddha Palms to keep our energy high, our selves healthy and our work vital is the focus of this workshop. The extraordinary practice of Chi Kung is what gets extraordinary results in Chi Nei Tsang. The UHT Basics of Chi Kung class is an introduction to the Five Elements System and the Five Intelligences that all life is based on from the Taoist perspective. Two days immersion in UHT Basics of Chi Kung is required for all students who have never studied with Gilles



*6/5-9 Fundamentals of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang


Fundamentals of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang is a thorough introduction to the guiding principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine, which have proven effective in maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health and longevity for thousands of years. In understanding the Five Emotional Internal Organs, we gain a deeper access to healing the internal organs physically. By the end of the week, students will have enough tools, techniques, and knowledge of abdominal manipulation to administer an effective one hour hands on Chi Nei Tsang treatment, delivered with respect for the intelligence of the body and for the difference between ”fixing” and ”healing”.

Required reading: Healing From Within With Chi Nei Tsang by Gilles Marin, available at


*6/11-14 Fusion Of the Five Elements


For Gilles, The Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation is the quintessence of healing. This is a four day guided practice of Internal Alchemy. We do this by summoning and kinesthetically experiencing the Five Archetypical Elemental Forces of the Universe as they express themselves externally and internally. When we encounter the Forces in this way we feel the harmony of the Forces that is always present, regardless of the situations of our lives. With this awarenss we can safely discern imbalances in the flow of the Elements in ourselves, knowing that we are always still part of the larger Universal Forces. With that insight, we begin to reduce the habit of abstract experiencing (experiencing what we expect, imagine, or conjure reality to be) allow the experience of what actually is happening to grow. By feeling what is actually happening inside and around us we become better conduits for the Elemental Forces to move through us. The Fusion of the Five Elements is the power source of Chi Nei Tsang. Be prepared for deep introspection and the inevitable shifts that take place when you see reality as it is.


*6/16-17 Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung


As bodywork and healing professionals, we get close to our clients in ways that most people never experience in their other relationships. It is of the utmost importance that we understand how our own vital sexual energy flows in us so as not to harm that delicate relationship. Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung shows us unequivocally how to control and maintain our own sexual energy and boundaries so that the leaks of energy that can lead to unethical physical therapist/client relationship in the case of therapists and clients who don’t understand their sexual energy need never happen. Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung is truly a gift for accessing and healing the most basic of our systems, and in so doing, giving our lives a deeper quality of sweetness. Absolutely a class for anyone interested in discovering or heightening their exquisite and foundational energy in a safe, noninvasive way! *Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung is entirely Chi Kung, not massage. This class is required for participation in Global Body Attitude and to attain certification.



*6/18-22 Somato/Emotional Processing With Chi Nei Tsang


Somato Emotional Processing and Chi Nei Tsang is where the cutting edge of healing is! This class is devoted to learning a complete method of releasing deeply implanted emotional charges that get lodged in the internal organs and which are at the root of mental and physical symptoms. In this class, you will also learn the Six Conditions for Healing which are indispensible to the healing process. The Fundamentals of Healing With Chi Nei Tsang is a prerequisite for Somato Emotional Processing.

Required reading: The Five Elements and Six Conditions For Healing by Gilles Marin, available at


*6/24-25 Taoist Anatomy and Physiology


East meets West in this unique anatomy and physiology class designed for holistic health practitioners. We will relate the class material to our intimate understanding of our own bodies. Learn about internal organs, the Taoist Meridian clock, and much more! Emphasis is placed on differentiating and integrating Western Conventional Medical and Traditional Oriental Medical terms.

This class is devoted to learning the shape and position (anatomy) of each internal organ in your own body and your classmates; the basic functions (physiology) of each organ not only from the Western perspective, but also the mental and emotional functions of the organs from the Eastern perspective; to recognize each organ's individual movement and sound; the times of day your internal organs and their energy pathways regenerate and how that applies in your and your clients' daily lives (why you crave coffee in the afternoon or have difficulty going to or getting out of bed, etc.); how to map out and understand your own acupuncture meridian system; the Five Emotional Structural Patterns, and so much more!



*6/26-30 Global Body Attitude


In Global Body Attitude, you will experience how the breath, physical structure (internal as well as external), metabolism, and mental/emotional aspects of a person affect each other. Viewed as a pyramid, if there is restriction in one side, all sides are impacted. When there’s a change in one facet, all are naturally shifted. In Global Body Attitude, you will learn the Five Structural Patterns of Diaphragmatic Tension and their release; to combine the visceral, structural, and emotional aspects of a treatment; to recognize and understand patterns, from function to meaning; how to work with female issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual cramps, and pelvic pains; how to approach working with traumas and sexual abuse victims and so much more….

The prerequisites for Global Body Attitude are the Fundamentals and Sexual and Space and Boundaries Chi Kung.


The structure of this retreat gives dimension not only to the technical aspect of Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist healing practices, but to the dynamic, transformational power of the Five Elements and how they work in every facet of our lives. Participants come away with functional knowledge of Taoist healing as well as a profound experience of their own inner lives and relationship to this exquisite universe. As we learn the techniques of Chi Nei Tsang through practical experience, we learn more about ourselves. The daily practice of Dreaming Chi Kung shows us that what we take in from Gilles' vast knowledge, experience, and wisdom is being learned not only by our mental capacity, but by our other four intelligences. In other words, this month long workshop is truly an experience of the Five Elements internally and externally.


Sincere thanks for your interest in Chi Nei Tsang and this extraordinary retreat.

We all look forward to working, learning, and growing with you!

For all questions regarding the retreat and to register, please email Ellie Davis at, call 917-257-6302, or just click here