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Blooming Being

Chi Nei Tsang



I recently had the great honor of giving Chi Nei Tsang on the frontlines at Standing Rock. Chi Nei Tsang is an incredible asset as we face the madness of the times we live in! Because of its efficacy in helping people move out of trauma, I saw the need for the continuation of its use for the Water Protectors who will be living inside the new camps on a permanent basis. Therefore, I made arrangements with Phyllis Bald Eagle and her husband Black Horse, aka Amos Cook (the Elders I had the privilege of camping with), Laura Hinman (the wonderful woman who will come to the training and will share this knowledge with her fellow Protectors), and Gilles Marin to make Chi Nei Tsang easily available to the people of the resilient Water Protection movement. I would like to straight up give the class to Laura, but we have to cover the basic costs of the retreat before that can happen. So, I started a gofundme account, which you can donate to by clicking here to get on the ground, reliable assistance to the Water Protectors!