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Blooming Being

Welcome to Blooming Being Chi Nei Tsang. I'm Ellie Davis. Since 1994, I've used my creative skills as an actress and writer and a massage therapist in many cities around the U.S. In 2008 I was living in San Francisco, CA, where I was introduced to Chi Nei Tsang, or, "Internal Organs Energy Transformation".


I had worked in the healing arts for many years and loved and was gifted at using my hands to help others in their healing, yet my own life was dominated by the chaos of carrying severe trauma and simultaneously running from the pain and anger. When I "stumbled" into Chi Nei Tsang, I found not a quick & easy fix, but a gentle and incredibly strong support in healing from wounds I could no longer see but were controlling me, keeping me running and unable to participate in my own life. I found that as I become more willing and able to face myself and to feel and accept whatever is in me, I become more free. In other words, I bloom.


Chi Nei Tsang wasn't the first place I had heard the idea of facing myself, but it was the first place that facing myself came out of the abstract into tangible experience. The result has been to start to welcome the richness of life. The joy and the pain, the sweetness and the bitterness all have their place. By choosing to feel more, life has opened in surprising ways and I continue to notice healing unwinding what I had always assumed to be Gordion Knots of suffering.


I had such remarkable openings in life as a result of my work with Chi Nei Tsang that it seemed only natural to follow the course, so I received certification from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in 2013. I am honored to be able to share this gift and help others bloom in Sweden and in Colorado and wherever else my travels lead.